Advertise with us

If you have a brand which you think would fit our audience, then you can advertise with us. We offer various digital advertising options that work. By advertising with us, you can connect to readers both nationally and internationally. We are flexible and creative. We can help you design a campaign.

Ad options

We offer different types of digital advertising options for you. You can have a look at each of these categories.

Content Advertising

It is an excellent way to grab the attention of more target audience. You can highlight your products or services through our sponsored post. It can get you lots of audiences.

Social Media Campaigns

You can have your products or services mentioned on our social media platforms. Most of our audiences spend a considerable amount of time on social networks. So, this is a very effective tool for gaining exposure.

Event Sponsorships

We organize different events throughout the year. This includes quiz competitions most where we ask questions about Michigan. You can sponsor such events. You can give away your products or services as prizes so that people can recognize your brand.

You can choose any of these ad options or even choose a mixture of few options as well. It is a great place to promote your brand to the residents and tourists of Michigan.